[GERMAN] Radetzkymarsch und Die Kapuzinergruft

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[GERMAN] Radetzkymarsch und Die Kapuzinergruft

Post by Nullifidian » Sat 4. Jun 2011, 11:24

I'm glad to see that efforts are underway to make this a reality. :D

Though I won't be able to listen to the above two works, it was my question about Radetzkymarsch that inadvertently got the ball rolling, and I was serious about wanting to see it and its sequel Die Kapuzinergruft recorded.

Here is a site with the German texts:

Since this site is all about books that are not legal for me in the U.S., I doubt I'll be coming back save to cheer you on from the sidelines, but you all do have my respect and my very best wishes. :mrgreen:

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