Lovecraft works, still unrecorded (or in progress)

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Lovecraft works, still unrecorded (or in progress)

Post by rapunzelina » Fri 14. Feb 2014, 01:10

The following list was comprised for the "Selected Short Stories by H. P. Lovecraft" project, currently at vol. 4:

The text source is
and the works listed are those published post-1922 and not yet recorded for Legamus (or currently in progress)

If I didn't make any mistakes here are the word counts, in ascending order:
Azathoth ~460 words
What the Moon Brings ~700 words
The Book ~1200 words
The Descendant ~1500 words
Poetry of the Gods ~1900 words

and the rest of Lovecraft's works that are devided in chapters (or that should be :lol: due to length):

The Lurking Fear ~7350 words in 4 chapters
The Horror at Red Hook ~8200 words in 7 chapters
The Shunned House ~10750 words in 5 chapters
The Thing on the Doorstep ~10750 words in 7 chapters
Imprisoned with the Pharaohs ~10800 words in 2 chapters
Through the Gates of the Silver Key ~14400 words in 8 chapters
Dreams in the Witch-house ~14800 words
Medusa's Coil ~16700 words
The Dunwich Horror ~17300 words in 10 chapters
The Whisperer in Darkness ~26400 words in 8 chapters
The Shadow over Innsmouth ~26800 words in 4 chapters
At the Mountains of Madness ~40900 words in 12 chapters
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward ~51100 in many chapters

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Re: Lovecraft works, still unrecorded (or in progress)

Post by Clivec » Sun 2. Aug 2015, 22:10

If no one has picked it up by the end of September I will do At the Mountains of Madness as a solo. Because of the first-person narrator this novella would be best done as a solo IMO. I can't pick it up before the end of September due to other commitments. I'd like to do this book, but if someone else wants to pick it up then that would be great too!


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