George Orwell, now PD in Europe

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George Orwell, now PD in Europe

Post by RobMarland »

Hi all, and happy new year!

As of today the works of George Orwell are PD in Europe. They had already been PD in Canada and Australia, hence those countries’ versions of Gutenberg have online texts of Orwell’s works that we in Europe can now access.

I’m not sure about the Legamus policy on this, but I prefer the Canadian site because they state which edition they’ve transcribed.

Once I have completed my current Oscar Wilde project, I may get started on them. But Orwell wrote a lot of books so I encourage others to pick one and start reading.

All the best for 2021,
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Re: George Orwell, now PD in Europe

Post by Viktor »

I join you in wishing everybody a (more) happy and healthy new year!

While I love all the "little pearls" that now fall in the public domain, and that I will only learn about later when others start recording them, and the translators who also open up new works, I notice that this year - - there are several heavyweights: apart from Orwell, there are Edgar Rice Burroughs, Heinrich Mann (for me the best of the Manns!), Max Pemberton, Olaf Stapledon, and George Bernard Shaw. For economists, there is Joseph Schumpeter.
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