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solo [ENGLISH] Oscar Wilde Twice Defended by Robert Sherard - vik

Posted: Sat 2. Nov 2019, 15:15
by RobMarland
Oscar Wilde Twice Defended by Robert Sherard (*1861 - † 1943)[**TRANSLATORTXT**]
Robert Sherard was Oscar Wilde's friend of 20 years and first biographer. Oscar Wilde Twice Defended was the last of the four books he wrote about the Irish playwright and wit. Sherard responds to the libels he perceives in the writings of other Wildean biographers, including André Gide and Frank Harris, a task he describes as "shooing hyenas away from the graves of the illustrious dead".
(Summary by Rob Marland)
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Re: ~solo [ENGLISH] Oscar Wilde Twice Defended by Robert Sherard

Posted: Sat 2. Nov 2019, 18:21
by Newgatenovelist
Do you stand in need of a DPL?

Re: ~solo [ENGLISH] Oscar Wilde Twice Defended by Robert Sherard

Posted: Sat 2. Nov 2019, 18:33
by RobMarland
Newgatenovelist wrote:
Sat 2. Nov 2019, 18:21
Do you stand in need of a DPL?
Yes, thanks a lot, Erin!

Re: solo [ENGLISH] Oscar Wilde Twice Defended by Robert Sherard - vik

Posted: Wed 13. Nov 2019, 21:17
by Viktor
It's my pleasure to be your MC.

The MW is created, you've been sent the passwords, moving to Readers Found.

Re: solo [ENGLISH] Oscar Wilde Twice Defended by Robert Sherard - vik

Posted: Wed 20. Nov 2019, 23:09
by RobMarland
Thanks, Viktor!

And, Erin, here is the first section for PL ... herard.mp3

Re: solo [ENGLISH] Oscar Wilde Twice Defended by Robert Sherard - vik

Posted: Thu 21. Nov 2019, 18:01
by Newgatenovelist
Hi Rob,

I should have said sooner, but I follow along with the text and tend to do a sort of PL PLus - with prose I make a note of things that seem to alter the meaning or any other little thing that catches my attention. Some readers want to know about anything and everything, however minor, while others are okay with without lots of changes or struggle to get a good vocal match to patch in. I don't know what your preference is, and I really don't mind whatever you decide.

The first couple of these, the opening silence and intro, are standard PL notes. I've noted a few pronunciations - those are entirely at your discretion, or just for future reference (though when you'll need to know some of these words again is beyond me!). If you have any questions or the notes aren't clear, please ask.

Tags – The author’s name (in this case, Robert Sherard) usually goes in the ‘Artist Name’ line rather than ‘Band’. Are you using Audacity? I can try to walk you through that if you need a hand. If need be tags can be adjusted at the last minute, or during cataloguing, but you can have another go if you like if you’re uploading a new version.

OW01 – The opening silence is a tad short.

The title is given in full, but the ‘Legamus’ disclaimer bit of the intro has been omitted.

1.21-1.25, mid-para first para p. 5
…I was able to take advantage of this laches on his part…
Check pronunciation of laches
My two usual go-to sources given different pronunciations, so you can make of that what you will!

9.50-9.53, penultimate line p. 9 ... ichard_von
Check pronunciation of von Kraff-Ebing’s name

10.30-10.35, fourth line first full para p. 10
…that he undoubtedly had inherited the diathesis from his libertine father…
Before I looked this up I would have said the same thing!

25.08-25.11, last line p. 16
…and to give seriatim the reasons…

41.46-41.51, last line main text p. 25
…until Gide opened the cloaca of his fetid imagination.

Re: solo [ENGLISH] Oscar Wilde Twice Defended by Robert Sherard - vik

Posted: Fri 29. Nov 2019, 01:43
by RobMarland
Thanks, Erin,

Here is section 1 for spot PL: ... herard.mp3

I thought I had recorded the disclaimer, but that ludicrously long title must have thrown me off!

As for the pronunciation fixes, I haven't implemented those and would rather not receive them in future, thanks. This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I decided to start recording Sherard's 4 books about Wilde about 4 or 5 years ago and thought I would finish them sooner than I have. This is the 4th book and, really, I just want to rattle through as fast as possible because I have other books on my to-do list I want to get to. Of course, I will fix mistakes like words that change the meaning or repeated takes I forget to delete, but anything else I have decided to leave. Secondly, Sherard uses lots of French and -- because I can't speak French -- I have Forvo open to check pronunciation while I record. If I see an English word I want to check too, I do that while I read. I'm happy with not catching everything.

Oh, as for the author name: I edited the tags in windows file explorer. I edit with Audition, which doesn't allow you to edit tags at export, like I think Audacity does. There isn't a band tag, but I think I must have put the name in the Album Artist field before instead of the Contributing Artist field. So hopefully it is OK now.

Re: solo [ENGLISH] Oscar Wilde Twice Defended by Robert Sherard - vik

Posted: Fri 29. Nov 2019, 13:33
by Newgatenovelist
Section 1 is PL OK!

I'm not surprised the long title confused you. I saw it and thought it augured well for the book, but perhaps not for recording as almost a chapter in itself!

No problem about the pronunciations. I understand the to-do list growing at a terrifying pace all too well, and just wanting to get projects rounded off. I've set myself idealistic completion dates for books before now, and I still haven't learned my lesson, so you're not alone there! I'll be here to listen when you're ready so it can just be sent out into the world.

Purely on spec I'll ask you, since you're interested in all things Wilde - do you happen to know of any PD copy of Mary Travers's roman a clef? I know it's more to do with Wilde's father than Wilde himself, but I thought I'd run it past you. I found one copy in Ireland and one in the US, but as far I could tell surviving copies are pretty rare and not digitised. Please tell me if you know anything to the contrary!

PS The author name is coming up without any trouble. All good!

Re: solo [ENGLISH] Oscar Wilde Twice Defended by Robert Sherard - vik

Posted: Fri 6. Dec 2019, 12:44
by RobMarland
Thanks, Erin.

Huh, I didn't know Mary Travers had written a novel. I feel like all I remember being mentioned in biographies is her pamphlet about Sir William / Dr. Quilp. Interesting.

Re: solo [ENGLISH] Oscar Wilde Twice Defended by Robert Sherard - vik

Posted: Fri 6. Dec 2019, 15:21
by Newgatenovelist
I think we're talking about the same thing. I've seen it called scurrilous and crude and all manner of similar things. That seemed a bit one-sided. I've seen only one person I can recall referring to it as a roman a clef, which seems a lot less dismissive. I'd like to read it and make up my own mind, especially as the biographies (at least what I've seen, I've not read anything like as many as you have!) seem to ignore it, give it a brief mention or otherwise not to engage deeply or seriously with it. But I fear I've sidetracked us now!