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Orphaning rules

Posted: Sun 22. Dec 2013, 22:02
by Piotrek
Hi. Do we have any orphaning rules? There are few group projects here, but there is one or two where people who claimed sections a few months ago never returned or never submitted them. On LV the customary period of time is 2 months and then it's up to the MC to make a decision. Perhaps we could adopt it here too?

Re: Orphaning rules

Posted: Mon 23. Dec 2013, 09:52
by Hokuspokus
Yes, we should have such a rule too. Two month work well on LV.
It's the BC who orphans sections. When I have to do that, I look when the reader was in the forums last. If the reader hadn't been there for more than one month or if it is a newbie who claimed and never returned, I orphan right away. If the reader is still around, I send a PM.